The ceremony of commemorations dell’Sept. 11 it opened with a minute of silence at ore 8.46 when exactly 20 years ago the first plane hurled itself against the North Tower of the World Trade Center. It was the beginning of the attack that would have led to the collapse of the Twin Towers, causing the death of 2,997 people and changing history. Another plane crashed on the west facade of the Pentagon, a fourth aircraft crashes in rural Pennsylvania. The main ceremony is held in Ground Zero, where the president is present Joe Biden e la First lady Jill Biden, along with their predecessors Barack Obama e Bill Clinton, but the places of remembrance are also Washington and Shanksville. Right from the place where Flight 93 crashed the Vice President speaks, Kamala Harris: “The days following 9/11 remind us that unity is possible in America. Unity is fundamental: it is essential for our prosperity, for our national security ”.

An appeal that, again from Pennsylvania, also raises George W. Bush: “We were shocked by the audacity of evil and the heroism of the rescuers”, declares the former president, complaining precisely divisions of the United States and calling for unity as in 2001. “When it comes to uniting the country, those days” of 11 September “seem far away“. “I dangers for our country they come not only from outside but also from inside – Bush says – There is a slight overlap between violent extremists out of bounds and those in the house that, in theirs disdain for pluralism and life, they are children of the same spirit and it is our task fight them“. Perhaps a reference to the only former White House tenant who does not attend any official ceremony: Donald Trump. The tycoon visits Ground Zero, but then flies in Florida where in the evening must comment a boxing match.

La cerimonia a Ground Zero – During the entrance of the flag and theAmerican hymn, the relatives of the victims present raised the Photo of their loved ones. Then to Ground Zero then began the reading of the names of the approx 3 thousand people killed from the attack on the Twin Towers. After the first moment of recollection, a second minute of silence was observed in New York to remember the crash of the flight 175 in South Tower. To surprise, Bruce Springsteen participates in the ceremony. The singer, who in 2002 released an album “The Rising” dedicated to the events of September 11, sings “I’ll see you in my dreams“.

Biden visits the three sites of the attack – The White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, explains that President Biden does not want to keep any official speech at 9/11 anniversary ceremonies. Only a video message, because “the president believes it is important to visit each of the three sites to commemorate the lives lost”: New York, but also Washington and the Pennsylvania. “The sacrifices made on that day – adds Psaki – had consequences on million of people across the country, but certainly on many of those people community“. At the Pennsylvania memorial Joe and Jill Biden arrive after the ceremony at Ground Zero and lay one corona in memory of the victims of Flight 93. Then the visit to the Pentagon, the other target of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Al Qaeda Video – The video of “Jerusalem will never be Judaized” is titled 60 minutes spread by Al Qaeda on the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the United States in which the leader of the terrorist group appears, Ayman al Zawahiri. “The current situation requires that we run out of enemy forces as long as he complains about economic and military problems, “he said in the video al Zawahiri stating that one of the” main operations in this sense is Tel Saman”Referring to the attack, carried out on January 1st, against one Russian military base in northeastern Syria. “This operation is a practical example of how to break up the military siege of the enemy ”, continues the leader of al Qaeda who in the video refers to American withdrawal from Afghanistan but not to victory of the Taliban. It also criticizes the normalization agreements between Israel and several Arab countries which describes how “traitors“.