SEP publishes rules for extension of hours and feeding of La Escuela es Nuestra

The Ministry of Public Education established the operating rules of the program The School is Ours (READ), to extend the hours of six to eight hours with the service of feeding for the students.

The agreement for fiscal year 2022, published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Federation, expands the general objective of the program to improve infrastructure conditions; set up extended schedule and food service and is in substitution of Full Time Schools.

This program considers the improvement of the conditions of physical infrastructure, equipment, didactic material, and the establishment of an extended schedule with school days of between six and eight hours a day, as well as food service in public schools of initial education, preschool, primary and secondary in its different modalities, Multiple Attention Centers and educational services of the National Council for Educational Development (Conafe).

The agreement highlights the importance of implementing specific strategies to reduce bad habits in the use of social programs, with emphasis on the direct delivery of resources and without intermediaries.

Since 2019, the LEEN program has implemented actions to maintain, improve and dignify Basic Education campuses with the direct participation of the school communities, and through the Participatory Administration School Committees (CEAP).

To this end, a school day of between six and eight hours a day is established, agreed upon in a campus assembly in coordination and with the cooperation of the school authority and educational personnel, to promote a better use of the available time and generate greater academic performance and comprehensive development of the students.

The SEP indicated that the Operating Rules establish that the food service is the complementary economic support that is provided through the CEAP, in accordance with budgetary self-sufficiency, and to strengthen the health of students who are in communities with high rates of poverty. poverty and marginalization. This will contribute to obtaining better learning and staying in school.

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The financial support may be used for the service of feeding, even when CEAP decides not to extend campus hours.

He stressed that with the expansion of the general objective of LEEN, the aim is to achieve equitable progress in the improvement of educational physical infrastructure at the national level, in equipment and teaching materials. The allocated budget will efficiently cover the needs of the school communities.



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