Sentenced to 15 years in prison for abusing his daughters 452 times

The Guimarães Court sentenced a 45-year-old man from Cruz, Vila Nova de Famalicão, to 15 years in prison, for 452 crimes of sexual abuse and rape. The victims are the two daughters.

By judgment of June 7, which Lusa agency had access to this Tuesday, the defendant was convicted of 53 crimes of aggravated child sexual abuse, 208 crimes of aggravated sexual abuse of dependent minors and 191 crimes of aggravated rape. In total, the partial penalties applied for each of the crimes amount to more than 1500 years in prison.

The court also sentenced the defendant to pay damages to his daughters in a total amount of around 80,000 euros. And it also decreed the defendant’s inhibition from exercising parental responsibilities in relation to his youngest daughter, who is still a minor.

He said he would prepare his daughter for the future

The main victim of sexual abuse was the defendant’s eldest daughter. The abuses, which took place almost every week, began when she was 13, when she was told that he was going to “prepare her for the future”. They only stopped when her 21-year-old daughter told a friend what was going on and filed a complaint with the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV). Abuses were almost always perpetrated in the family’s home, but also took place in a mound close to the dwelling.

As the eldest daughter approached adulthood, the defendant will have started to intensify control over her, opposing her until she dated. When the daughter started a relationship, she would only let her go to her boyfriend if she had sex with her before, always under threats, including death.

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The court also found that the defendant also abused his youngest daughter when she was 13 years old. In the first court examination, the defendant had admitted that he had only sexually assaulted his eldest daughter three or four times, but at trial he denied any abuse.

“Immediate gratification of instincts”

In the judgment, the court emphasizes that the defendant’s actions “shock the community in general and families in particular, in terms of the feelings of respect, empathy and compassion and the purity of affection that are associated with any healthy paternity relationship”. He also says that “it hurts the most elementary values ​​of protection for children and young people, as well as public morals”.

For the court, these are crimes that constitute a “very strong source of social alarm”, which is why it is necessary to “sensitize the population in general, especially in the family context (a sphere in which children and adolescents seek and expect protection at all levels) ), for the need to fully respect the right to sexual self-determination of children and adolescents and the sexual freedom of others”.

The court also highlights the “manifested” absence of a critical judgment of self-censorship for the criminal and serious acts he practiced, showing the defendant in his disfavor “a personality with traits of immaturity, impulsiveness, primitivism and immediate gratification of instincts”. He also says that the defendant caused his daughters “a significant and lasting psychological and emotional trauma” and underlines the direct intent with which he acted.

acquitted of domestic violence

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In the process, the accused was still accused of domestic violence against the woman, but the court acquitted him of this crime. The panel of judges proved that, in addition to the mutual exchange of insults between the couple, the defendant gave the woman a slap and a shove, considering that at issue could only be a crime of offenses to physical integrity. However, this is a crime that requires the victim to file a complaint, which did not happen, so the accused was acquitted.


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