Senator Espinoza (PS) attacks Jackson: he describes his appointment in the Segpres as an “error”

The senator fidel espinoza (PS) attacked the management of the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Giorgio Jacksonand stated as a “mistake” his designation in the portfolio.

“Minister Jackson is a person who has many capabilities, there is no doubt about that, he was a good parliamentarian, but I think the government made a mistake in several of its pieces when it managed to structure its cabinet,” said the senator in conversation with CNN Chile.

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“I think that in one of the pieces where there was an error, it was precisely Giorgio’s, because he did not come with good relations with the parliamentary world, not with me in particular,” continued the PS legislator.

“I have nothing personal with Giorgio, but he had bad political relations since his stay in Parliament and taking him precisely to the portfolio that is the one that has to deal with parliamentary relations on a day-to-day basis was not, perhaps, the most indicated bet”, he added.

Espinoza pointed out that on the part of Jackson and other ministers “there was a permanent rejection” regarding “the 30 years in which we were responsible for governing both Ricardo Lagoscon Eduardo Freicon Michelle Bachelet. So, there was always a very big rejection of the world that we represent and that we defend”.

“All these things also generated somewhat tense relations with him in particular and with others who mistreated the works of the previous ones,” he added.

The legislator did not stop there and expressed criticism against other cabinet positions. “There have also been problems in other portfolios, such as in the Interior, knowing that, for example, Mrs. Siches would have been – from my point of view – a great Minister of Health.”

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This is not the only official criticism against the cabinet. The President of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Raul Sotosuggested this Tuesday to the Government to evaluate a change of cabinet to “correct the course and reorder the house”.

“Perhaps it is necessary to seriously evaluate the possibility of a change of cabinet and bring forward the second half to give a change of direction, correct the course and return to reorder the house again to tune in with that citizenry that today seems elusive”, indicated the deputy.

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