Seizing a veterinary clinic practicing the profession without a license

Aleppo – Maan Al-Ghadri

The judicial police in the Aleppo Agriculture Directorate seized a clinic selling veterinary medicines in the New Aleppo neighborhood, operating without a license. The medicines were confiscated and judicial police were organized against the owner of the clinic.

Engineer Radwan Harsouni, Director of Agriculture, stated that the work of the judicial police has been activated and intensified, and its tours have been intensified to monitor the sources of agricultural and veterinary medicines spread in the city and rural markets, combat smuggled materials, and refer the perpetrators of them to the competent judiciary, in addition to verifying the expiry date of the materials offered for sale to see if they are compatible. To specifications or not.

In this context, Dr. Abdel Nasser Hafez, Head of the Department of Medicine in Animal Health, stated that there are 39 licensed offices for veterinary services in the governorate, 12 warehouses and 7 laboratories, and they are subject to monitoring and follow-up by committees in the directorate on a periodic basis to ensure the safety and quality of the product and what is sold in clinics. .

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