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Let’s be honest, in the latest news about Sonic Origins I installed Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Mania (via Steam) and tried both again (I suck at Sonic!). With an Xbox360 like controller (Logitech Chillstream).

Sonic the Hedgehog is part of the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics bundle and its interface is anything but smooth. Very nice idea, but personally I find it a lot less pleasant to work with. Control via the controller was so-so.

Sonic Mania was still very blocky, but if you’ve just played the original Sonic, you’ll see the difference (a lot less blocky), but still retain the atmosphere of Sonic very well. Menu interface is still *facepalm*, but I have different issues with it than with the Classics Bundle. Control via the controller felt a lot smoother in my opinion.

From a business perspective: The four Sonic games that are going to be released have been on sale for almost 12 years now, if there was any interest it would have been exhausted by now. The four games cost €18 together (a lot less as part of the Classics Bundle). If Sonic Origins can achieve the same thing that Sonic Mania has done for the Sonic franchise, then €40-€45 is definitely not a bad thing and I think a much better experience for a potential new Sonic fan than the four Sonic games from the Classics Bundle. But of course we can’t say anything about it until it’s out and people have reviewed it.

In addition, people who want the real old nostalgia feeling of Sonic will get an actual Megadrive with cartridges or just emulate…



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