By Tania Rosas

Opposition deputies and senators announced that they will gather the necessary signatures to present a action of unconstitutionality against the agreement of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador which declares the works of infrastructure of the federal government as “public interest and national security” projects.

The action of unconstitutionality It is the legal resource that is processed exclusively before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) to denounce laws or decrees that oppose the Constitution. This measure can be promoted by federal legislators from minority banks.

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The parliamentary coordinators of the PAN, PRI and FART on the Chamber of Deputies announced that they will begin the legal analysis considering that the Lopez Obrador seeks to shield and obscure works, invades powers of the Legislative power and it is “blatantly illegal.”

The PAN coordinator, Jorge Romero, warned that, with the provisional permits for the works, the government intends to give in a factual way the budgetary feasibility studies; all studies that are derived from the Public Service Acquisitions, Leases and Services Law; manifestations of environmental impact; risk assessments, including citizen or indigenous consultations.

“We say no to the decree (…) These are the new second floors of Andres Manuel, as simple as that, it is the replica of what he did when he was head of government now as president of a subject as delicate as national security, ”he said.

“They recently told us that in the construction of the Felipe Ángeles airport, shell companies were used and now they want to tell us that this work is of National security, so that none of you (journalists), nor any Mexican or Mexican, can ask and see all those contracts, this is unheard of, “added the legislator.

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The president of the Political Coordination Board and coordinator of the PRI, Rubén Moreira, emphasized that the classification of National security It is for everything that compromises the Mexican State and no public works does.

“We find it worrying that the term national security is used to shield, obscure works that, clearly, are the infrastructure works that the President of the Republic has decided to carry out,” added the PRD. Luis Espinosa Cházaro.

The vice-coordinator of PAN at Senate, Kenia López Rabadán, considered that the president can not “trample” the Constitution.
“He thinks he can trample on the Constitution at will, but he will run into a wall. His decree is authoritarian and seeks to generate opacity by hiding behind “national security.” It is clearly unconstitutional. I anticipate you once: See you at the court”He wrote on his Twitter account.

The plural parliamentary group in the Senate He also set a position by considering worrying that Lopez Obrador want to confuse society.

“The reasons offered to justify this decree are a vile joke. On the other hand, we have time warning of the increasingly active participation of the armed forces in public administration. With the recent statements of the Secretary of National Defense, we see with more concern that the Army no longer only performs civil tasks, but also political ones ”, declared Alejandra León Gastélum.

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Brunette supports AMLO

The parliamentary coordinators of Brunette on the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate supported the decision of Lopez Obrador to issue an agreement to consider the federal government’s national security works.

“There is no problem, it is your right and we consider that the Republic President did the right thing; that the decree is constitutional, that the decree is legal and that the decree is correct and timely to continue this process of transformation and creation of infrastructure in Mexico, never seen before ”, said the senator Ricardo Monreal.

Deputy Ignacio Mier said that the agreement is legal and is attached to the constitutional powers of the president, in addition to that its application will be of social and public utility.

“With this decree, public investment is protected. The obligation that any ruler has is to guarantee and ensure the protection of public property, ”he stressed..

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