SEE: André caught using an addictive substance again

André Hazes has again been caught using an addictive substance. In a photo on his Instagram, a bowl of Snus is on the table. He must have forgotten that when he posted the photo… Or does he not care?

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Got caught

It was already known before that André Hazes is not averse to the addictive substance Snus. For example, he was already unmasked in an older vlog by Bridget Maasland. The video showed how the singer uses the substance.

And now the singer has been caught again. Yesterday, together with Sarah van Soelen, he enthusiastically shared the news that they have moved into their new apartment. André posts a number of photos on Instagram showing him signing the contract with Sarah. And if you look very closely, you can see that the bowl with Snus is next to him on the table.

‘Addicted very quickly’

Snus comes from Sweden. It is a bag that you can put under your upper lip, after which the nicotine ends up in the blood. An employee of Jellinek previously indicated in EenVandaag that it is not a smart move to use this substance.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances we know. You get addicted to it very quickly. If you use this and you get used to nicotine, the stop to smoking can become smaller,” said the employee. But the question is whether André makes any difference…

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