Most of the infected are interns. It is unclear whether they have become infected in their accommodation or while going out. Two bars are closed on Friday due to the virus outbreak. Authorities instituted a curfew at 11 PM for local restaurants on Saturday evening.

To date, more than 600 people have been tested in the popular holiday area, both employees and holiday guests. The results of 258 tests are known, the other results are expected on Sunday.


The outbreak evokes memories of the Austrian ski and party town of Ischgl in Tyrol, which was an epicenter of corona in the early stages of the pandemic. In total, about 1,500 people in Austria are currently actively infected with the virus. The new infections have been identified in particular in the federal states of Vienna and Upper Austria.

The corona measures in Austria were tightened on Friday. For example, residents are required to wear masks in more places. The new rules mean that Austrians must now also cover their mouths and nose when visiting supermarkets, post offices, bank branches and other public buildings. Earlier they had to do that in public transport.