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The enormous rise in prices, with inflation rates of more than nine percent recently, is a particular burden on low-income households and is changing the consumer behavior of broad sections of the population. On the used goods markets, which have been booming in recent years, also thanks to digital platforms, there are suppliers and consumers with a wide variety of motivations: on the one hand, second-hand shopping is easy on the wallet, on the other hand, recycling and reuse of things are essential for ecologically sensible consumer behavior in the sense of a circular economy. In addition, used goods markets currently also compensate for supply chain problems and provide alternatives for quick purchasing decisions.

The consumer psychologist Bernadette Kamleitner is interested in the psychological reasons that lead people to want to own goods that others have already used. In her studies, she not only examines economic and sometimes ecological benefits, but also deals with emotional aspects: in a recent study, she found out that consumers do not see any disadvantages in used goods and that it is usually successful to let go.

It is not yet possible to say what effect inflation, energy shortages, supply chain bottlenecks and the acute risk of poverty in many households will have on the second-hand markets: too many factors are currently influencing consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, and we are probably only at the beginning of an ongoing exceptional economic situation.

Bernadette Kamleitner is Andreas Obrecht’s guest, presents new research results on the economic, but above all psychological significance of used goods economies and discusses consumer behavior and consumer decisions in economically difficult times with the listeners – on 0800 69 79 by phone during the program or below. punkteins (at)

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How has your consumer behavior changed in the last few months of inflation? Are second-hand markets playing a bigger role for you now? Does the used goods economy have anything to do with sustainability or is it more of an eyewash? Is owning things important to you – how do ownership and self-esteem relate? Does the possibility of being able to easily resell bought things these days – eg via online platforms – influence your purchase decisions?



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