Sebastian in Boston

The installation was done almost naturally. He was very well received. The image of the French is linked to gastronomy, luxury “à la française” but it remains very cliché in the media in particular (baguette, beret). He now lives in Boston East, near the sea, he is married to an American, they have 2 children aged around ten. Housing is very expensive and the houses sell very quickly. Boston is a very open and cosmopolitan city. There are many students, but also many simple workers.

Boston au large

What to See in Boston: American History Since 1776 is told to visitors through a sightseeing tour, which allows them to see the city’s landmarks. The cultural offer is quite rich in general, the shows are run in Boston before being played on Broadway. There are also cinemas and auteur cinemas.

boston in the snow
boston in the snow

In terms of culinary specialities, we eat a lot of lobsters. In all its forms and even in sandwiches. Sébastien has noted, in recent years, an opening of gastronomy to other cultures: Portuguese, Italian, Asian, French, etc…

Boston au alrge
Boston au alrge

What does he miss about Paris? His family and French cuisine such as tartare. He will also return to Paris this summer, with his family. Having studied it at school, his son wishes to visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.

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