season 2 may come soon

Ginny & Georgia is one of those Netflix series that is extremely successful on the streaming platform. Despite the mixed reviews it received, this show was able to draw crowds. Indeed, the first season of Ginny & Georgia got 52 million views in just 28 days.

Given this success, it was obvious that the series would be entitled to a sequel. For now, information about this second season is being distilled drop by drop. For example, we don’t yet know when it will be broadcast on Netflix.

But according to an Instagram post from showrunner Sarah Lampert, we won’t be long in discovering the release date.

The end is near

Sarah Lampert gave Ginny and Georgia fans something to eat. On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself in full post-production. The showrunner accompanied her image with a description suggesting that season 2 of the series will soon be available on Netflix.

So, Sarah Lampert wrote: “So close to being done, I can feel it. » For fans of the show, this can only mean one thing: season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is almost complete. If so, it’s not too early!

What does season 2 hold for us?

For Rappel, Ginny & Georgia follows the story of Georgia, a 30-year-old single mother, who decides to move to Wellsbury with her two children to start a new life. Through the series we will discover the troubled past of the latter. The show also shows us the complicated relationship she has with her 16-year-old daughter Ginny.

There is very little information about the second season of Ginny & Georgia. What is certain is that it will be a season marked by change. Remember that at the end of season 1, Ginny discovered her mother’s secrets. Shocked by these discoveries, Ginny decides to take her brother Austin away from Wellsbury and their mother.

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At the moment we don’t know where she went. However, we do know that Aaron Ashmore has joined the cast of season 2. The latter will play the role of Austin’s father. So there’s a good chance that Ginny and Austin went into hiding at his house.



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