QBE has renewed its FLEX @ QBE program with the main objective of taking care of the health and well-being of employees, one of the QBE Group’s priorities.

The current situation, derived from the pandemic, has led the business landscape to establish new programs for the care of your employees and offer flexibility that allows them to feel comfortable and meet the needs of customers, thus also improving business success.

At QBE they are aware that they must adapt to the new times due to the great importance that the hybrid work model is taking. That is why from QBE understand that the way of working is immersed in a process of transformation that has done nothing but begin.

Work environments have become flexible spaces. Thus, companies have the mission of providing the elements and tools for employees to perform their functions in the best possible way, adapting to the needs of each worker, each function and each team.

Nevertheless, QBE recognizes that personal relationships remain essential for collaboration, efficiency, performance enhancement and well-being.. For all this, when possible and depending on the position in question, workers will enjoy a hybrid telework-in-person model.

In short, at QBE there is a commitment to workers so that they can carry out their work in a more stable environment. For it, being able to connect collaboration, efficiency, performance improvement and employee well-being is essential. In addition, thanks to the trust and training in the teams towards the achievement of their tasks, QBE prioritizes connection and collaboration, putting customers at the center of this flexibility so that they receive the best service.

Employee Assistance Program

This new program has been launched to be able to support economic, family or health situations that may have arisen as a result of the consequences of the pandemic. So, thanks to PAE, each QBE employee and their close family members will be able to receive advice on a variety of matters, from simple matters to personal well-being inquiries. This service will be provided through a telephone channel, email or an online chat.

The support employees receive, which is completely free and confidential, offers counseling sessions to receive emotional and psychological help, practical guidance and help on mental health, legal, financial, family and employment issues.

In addition to all this, there is a portal with lifestyle advice, online health and wellness resources available to employees, offering specialized support, as well as videos and podcasts from experts from ICAS World.

Carmen Bravo, Director of Human Resources at QBE, has commented on the matter: “Our employees will have, as up to now, a working day adapted to the business, but also to their personal needs, which will help them maintain a work-family balance. In addition, we have a policy of Time Flexibility and another of Digital Disconnection expressly designed to promote the conciliation of our team ”.