The Health and Sustainability Action Group, led by Forética and made up of 12 large companies (led by Chiesi, Grupo ASISA, Microsoft and Quirónsalud), will focus its third edition on addressing the ‘health footprint’ of companies in order to measure its contribution to the health and well-being of its stakeholders.

Specifically, the Group will work on the health footprint from two angles: On the one hand, addressing the impact of companies on the health of their employees, with a focus on mental health, a highly topical issue given the impacts of the crisis caused by COVID-19 and the growing demand from workers towards companies, which place the employee experience as an increasingly strategic element. On the other hand, analyzing how companies contribute to the health of their customers and consumers through a supply of healthy products and services.

Germán Granda, General Director of Forética, states: “Forética’s Health and Sustainability Action Group is consolidated as the benchmark business space to monitor compliance with SDG 3 (Health and Well-being) in Spain from the contribution of the private sector , a commitment of the utmost importance in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, know the ‘health footprint’ of organizations it is an opportunity to continue contributing to a holistic vision of health from the angle of business sustainability”.

In relation to the focus on mental health, according to the latest OECD report on this topic, cases of depression reach 18.7% in Spain, above countries such as Italy (17.3%), Japan (17.3%) or the Czech Republic (11.8%). In fact, the total cost of mental health problems in Spain is 4.2% of GDP (approximately 45,000 million euros). In this context, according to McKinsey estimates, investing in employee mental health has an economic return for organizations of $ 4.25 for every dollar invested.

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According to the ‘IBEX 35 Observatory. Health, Well-being and Sustainability in IBEX 35 companies’ prepared by Forética in 2021, 36% of IBEX 35 companies had a specific program on mental health for employees. The current context seems to indicate that the organizations will reinforce the development of strategic programs in this area.

On the other hand, the commitment to more sustainable services and products must consider the health factor. Companies are increasingly aware of this and incorporate this approach in an increasingly integrated way. In fact, according to the first edition of the ‘IBEX 35 Observatory. Health, Well-being and Sustainability in IBEX 35 companies’ by Forética, held in 2020, 60% of IBEX 35 companies contributed to health through an offer of healthy products and services.

In this sense, with the aim of strengthening companies’ commitment to the health of the planet and people, Forética has joined the Planetary Health Alliance, a movement promoted by 250 members, universities, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and entities. from more than 50 countries committed to understanding and addressing the health impact of climate change.

Verónica García, Manager of the Health and Sustainability Action Group, highlights: “This new edition of the Action Group will allow us to know its contribution to the well-being and health of employees, consumers and customers from a more strategic approach than recognize the importance of health as a factor for sustainability and business competitiveness. In this sense, the companies that are part of the Group meet the requirements of having a commitment to health and sustainability that is reflected in their policies, strategy, processes and specific actions and in their products and services, while periodically making public the results related to its performance in this area ”.

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The ‘Health and Sustainability Action Group’, headed by Chiesi, Grupo ASISA, Microsoft and Quirónsalud, also has a group of participating companies: Alsea, Grupo Antolín, GSK, Ibercaja, Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, Lilly, Sanitas and Santander.

The business meeting organized by Forética within the framework of the Action Group, has been inaugurated by the Ministry of Health, with the intervention of Pilar Aparicio, General Director of Public Health. The international vision has been contributed by Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director of Business in the Community, who has transferred the most prominent global trends in the field of integrating mental health into company strategy.

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