Scuf unveils Reflex line of wireless controllers for PS5

Company Scuf, which specializes in custom console controllers, has introduced a line of wireless devices called Reflex. The latter are created for PS5 and have three models: Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS… Prices start at $ 199.99.

In fact, this is an expensive variant of DualSense with “petals”, but not everything is so simple. The new items have the same parameters as accessories from Sony, that is, they can be charged from a USB-C cable, have a mute button, a touch panel and so on, but at the same time they have a number of advantages.

The Reflex front panel can be removed and replaced with another (so far only black paint is available, but the range will increase in the coming weeks), anti-friction rings can be installed around the analog sticks, thereby “softening” the movement, and most importantly, all three models are equipped with four rear buttons, which can be programmed for any action.

The controllers are capable of storing up to three profiles, allowing users to switch between 12 unique settings depending on the genre of the game. Each device comes with several replacement sticks: long, short, with a convex head and a concave one. In addition, the rear handles are specially shaped for the least sliding.

The features of each model can be studied on the official website. The pre-order is already open. In addition to the PS5, the Reflex controller can be connected to a PC.

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