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Scott Cam's shock confession about The Block

"I'm looking forward to a break. It's a big. "

It was the first thing The block The host, Scott Cam, said after finishing the season of this year's popular renovation show on Sunday night.

Speaking frankly at after the triumphant victory of Tess and Luke, Cam, always honest, revealed the only thing you would not see in the series.

Throughout the three-month series, Cam reminded viewers the sheer scale of The Oslo, a dilapidated and dilapidated inn that Channel 9 had purchased for $ 10 million.

At first, many thought it was a way to get people to watch the show. Although this may have been true, it did not prevent the consequences on the five teams and the crew.

"We learned it was too big, and we will not make it that big anymore, I can guarantee it," Cam told

"We are always trying to go bigger and better, but we have probably crossed the line.

"It's feasible because everything was done and sold very well. But I think for the crew and for everyone in the future, it will always be a big build, but it just will not be as big as that. this. "

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To put things in perspective, Oslo is twice as big as last year's Gatwick overhaul and more than six times larger than the original Bondi Block in 2003.

For the five teams, the lack of sleep and the constraint of limited time affected them the most, both physically and mentally.

And while Cairns couple Tess and Luke took the win with their impressive four-bedroom home, the price was heavy.

At one point in the series, Tess said how much it "destroyed" her.

"I just want to be left alone. I do not manage. I'm so fed up – I can not do that anymore, "she said at a tiff with Cam about budget issues at the time.

"This literally misleads us. It is. Luke and I hated each other, we did not stop fighting. What this does to us is not good. "

A few weeks ago, during an explosive interview with, the couple confessed that his mental health was at stake, especially after being portrayed as a "lazy".

"It's really sad to think that we have to explain ourselves to people who have no idea who we really are. They judge us based on a show full of surprises, said Tess.

Speaking on after their win Sunday night, Tess mentally said: "It's still very difficult".

"We live this life, we would never have thought of living. We are going through situations that we would never have imagined living together, and it is a difficult fight, "she said.

"You have your ups and downs. Every day is different, but we are lucky to have amazing people around us.

"We know that in the last two weeks of the show, the judges have helped us a lot. But it was also because our attitude has changed. We were like, "Oh, we have no money, no one will give us any more, so damn it, we'll just try it."

And that's exactly what they did.

To their shock, they were crowned by the Blockheads of 2019 after making the biggest profit after the auction of their apartment: $ 630,000 above the reserve of $ 2.90 million. They also pocketed $ 100,000 more for being first.

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"We have no regrets about being in the show, you know what friend I said I would be on this show, and Luke said I would be on this show and I would do whatever you want." would like to get this result. "

Cam admitted that the course was difficult for both teams and the others.

"It's really a huge block. It is very difficult for them (Tess and Luke) and we are really happy that they have made life-changing money. "

Cam said that everyone had gone through bad weeks, but that there were always people available for couples.

"It's a roller coaster. But later in the series, they (Tess and Luke) had a lot of fun. We did not change their appearance, "Cam told

"We shoot just as we see it and that's what we saw. And now, when I asked Tess and Luke: The block& # 39; … They said, "We love it, worth $ 730,000". "


Mitch and Mark – $ 3.374 million – $ 384,000 profit

Tess and Luke – $ 3.620 million – $ 630.00 profit

Matt and Elise – $ 3,450 million – $ 460,000 in profit

Andy and Deb – $ 2.420 Million – $ 430,000 Profit

Jesse and Mel – $ 3.378 million – $ 388 profit

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