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Apps like Bird suggest that every time you you rent a scooter contribuyes a reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. However, to make these types of statements, the environmental impact of these green transportation programs must be evaluated.

What they are not considering

Should be count carbon dioxide emissions of the scooters during its entire life cycle: the production of the materials and components that go into each one; the manufacturing process; shipping and where they will be used; the collection, loading and redistribution of the same.

A study conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich found that, on average, a rental scooter generates 51 grams more carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer than the means of transport it replaces.

“The bottom line is that rental scooters are damaging the weather,” said Reck, a researcher on the study.

Another study concluded that 93 percent of the carbon footprint of a scooter comes from poor manufacturing, distribution and design.

How solutions can distribute the new scooters in electric transport, which allows cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 55 percent. Work has also been done on a design that lasts longer.

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