Scientists impressed by spectacular photo of Jupiter –

NASA shared a particularly impressive snapshot of the planet Jupiter on Friday. The Hubble Space Telescope even captured the gas giant, which is at least 588 million kilometers from Earth, with one of its moons in the background.

At the rear left of the spectacular photo, icy moon Europa, which is suspected of hiding under the ice crust, is a liquid ocean. Most striking, however, is the large red spot on Jupiter itself, which has been visible since the first observation in 1930. It is a gigantic storm that has likely raged through the planet’s atmosphere for centuries. That storm alone is bigger than Earth.

Below the red spot is a white spot, a storm called Oval BA. It was still very red in 2006, but is now much lighter in color. An elongated white spot can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. This is also a storm, NASA reports.