Scientists have found the cause that increases the risk of dementia by 70 percent

It turns out that the affected part of the brain, which does not receive signals about smells, is also associated with our memory, sense of place, emotions, and many other important cognitive processes. Smell impairment has already been linked in several studies to impending dementia. Animal experiments have confirmed that damage and Incorrect functioning of the olfactory bulb can cause anxiety and depression.

“Virus entry into the central nervous system could be a trigger for neurodegeneration that leads to neurological deficits,” warns Kay in a scientific journal. Journals of Neurophysiology. – This was shown by the experience of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which provoked the development of Parkinson’s disease in people.

According to scientists, the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease increased by 70 percent in those who had been ill. In the case of covid and loss of smell, Kay assumes approximately the same risk growth numbers.

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