Sleep is a very sensitive subject for a large portion of the population. Statistics state that about 10% of the world population suffers from more or less severe insomnia. The effects of sleep deprivation are many and often more problematic than we think. We are talking about problems ranging from nervousness to relationship difficulties, up to hypertension and heart complications.

There are many studies that try to understand how to benefit those who have difficulty sleeping. Incredible consequences of insomnia for those who sleep with their dog have recently been revealed by science. According to researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, spending the night with our dog in bed can help us sleep peacefully, especially for women.

Science reveals incredible consequences on insomnia for those who sleep with their dog

Research carried out at Canisius College in Buffalo, later published in “Anthrozoös”, highlighted the benefits on sleep for those who sleep with dogs. The study sampled a statistical population of as many as 962 American adult women. Of these, 57% slept with a human partner, 31% with a cat and 57% with a dog. It is not certain that those who slept with a dog did not sleep at the same time with a partner or a cat, and vice versa.

After monitoring the progress of the nights of these women, the analysis of the data revealed unequivocal evidence. For one thing, dogs never woke their mistress, unlike cats and human partners. Second, those who shared a bed with the dog slept more soundly, reporting feeling a sense of tranquility and security. According to Dr. Hoffman, head of the study, the research reveals that American women prefer to share beds with dogs rather than humans.

Because dogs are ideal nocturnal companions

The first reason that makes the dog an ideal sleeping partner is simply the calm nature of this animal. The women who participated in the research stated that the dogs remain practically motionless during the night. They almost never move. Therefore, they never disturbed the mistresses’ sleep.

At the same time, the owners said that the proximity of the dog gave them a great sense of security. The dog is perceived as a guardian, whose presence is deterrent from external dangers. This feeling can make the difference between a sleepless night and a good night’s sleep.


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