Science of Happiness by Jose Sánchez offers services related to well-being and personal development

Human beings constantly seek well-being and happiness, especially today, when it seems that many basic needs are covered.

This motivation increases practices based on personal development and on acquiring intelligent life habits to achieve maximum well-being and leave a mark. On many occasions, the specialists who offer these types of services provide options for people to reduce specific negative aspects of their lives, such as anxiety or stress. From a broader vision than the mere reduction of these negative moods, the neuroscientist with 33 years of experience in meditation techniques and personal development, José Sánchez, through his program Science of Happiness, focuses on accompanying each person on the path of achieving the goal of self-knowledge and greater personal and social harmony.

A comprehensive vision of human development

At present, disciplines such as coaching or others have become a trend that is confusing for those who want to find support in true specialists who accompany them in the process of achieving physical and emotional well-being, without detaching themselves from the real difficulties of life and society. In this sense, José Sánchez stands out for providing a comprehensive vision of human development, focusing every aspect of his mentoring on useful and scientific tools to train the individual’s brain under a global framework.

In Science of Happiness, people train the ability to install habits of happiness in their daily routines, even on the most difficult days and when, as humans, they want to throw it all away. This is possible thanks to a unique training for this purpose, where work is done on the construction of 7 skills together that have demonstrated scientific validity: meaning of life, genuine meditation, emotional harmony, self-inquiry methods, language and words, social brain. and practical wisdom.

What steps does Science of Happiness indicate to develop?

Happiness is not a magic recipe, but it has different nuances in each individual that should be listened to. Acquiring the necessary tools and building that path is an individual commitment, while accompanying in this process is the mission of the mentor Jose Sánchez. This specialist offers mentoring to lead a personal and professional life with meaning and fulfillment. One of them is focused on the opportunity to build wellness in 60 days and another on getting rid of negative routines and learning good habits.

In Science of Happiness, users develop comprehensively through 3 levels. The first is physiological regulation, that is, dominating the nervous system at will. The second is emotional harmony, where that poor and habitual vision of the emotional world is expanded, and, finally, intelligent socialization, which focuses on improving relationships with others and with the world in which we live, be it the to be. The neuroscientist Jose Sánchez accompanies people during their day to day and acts as a guide, advising them at all times. In this work, the professional remains there, with dedication and daily dedication during mentoring, both group and personalized, which has led users to improve specific aspects of their lives, adopt their behavior, opening space for well-being and building wisdom and temperance. to handle the current uncertainty. All individuals, believe it or not, seek to be better and perhaps this is a good reason to do so scientifically and well guided.


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