School, the new measures on masks and spacing for exams

A note was sent to the schools on the precautionary measures for carrying out the 2022 state exams following the decisions taken in the Council of Ministers and the order signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. During the exams, both of the first and second cycle, and for the final exams of the courses of the higher technical institutes, it will not be necessary to use respiratory protection devices. Therefore, the obligation to wear the mask falls, which is only recommended, in particular in some circumstances such as, for example, the impossibility of guaranteeing interpersonal distancing of at least one meter. During the oral exam, the presence of auditors will be allowed in a number that allows an interpersonal distance of at least one meter. Respect for the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is recommended, unless the structural-logistical conditions of the buildings do not allow it, and the prohibition to access school premises if positive for Covid-19 or if respiratory symptoms and temperature are present. body above 37.5 degrees. As regards the sanitation of the premises and cleaning, sanitizing products will be made available in several points of the school building and, in particular, at the entrance to the premises where the exams will take place. Finally, in some cases, specified by the relative ordinances, the carrying out of the oral test and the activities of the commission and subcommittees are allowed, even remotely, by videoconference.

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