School, Bianchi keeps the point: “No closure: but Dad is not the devil.” The hypothesis of vaccines in institutions is back

School in attendance, and no closure. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi confirms the line already reaffirmed yesterday 10 January by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, despite the pressures never really dropped by the governors and various school leaders, who would like to resort to distance education in this phase of recovery of Coronavirus infections. «We have made a choice of unity of the country which is the principle according to which the school must be the last to close. We have had the maximum number of infections with the school closed and having the school closed with children who have other contacts would not be explainable, “he said in an interview today, January 11, at the Forum de The print. “So far, not a day of school has been lost, but if necessary we can discuss it with the regions”, he added.

And even if the line of progress is school in the presence, “distance learning is not the devil, it is a tool that can be used in a specific way and for a specific time. It may be that there is an increase in the need to resort to distance learning, however, within the Dad’s rules, not as a generalized provision without justifications, ”the minister stressed. In any case, the institutes must be open, “it is not conceivable that the school should be closed and everything else open”. Finally, on the possibility of setting up vaccination points – of hub – in schools, to push on the administration of children, Bianchi makes it known that this is not entirely “unthinkable”. «In Puglia they have been made. The Commissioner sector is working. It is necessary to distinguish the situation of children between the ages of 12 and 19 where it is a question of completing vaccination cycles, and that of younger children where we are thinking of bringing vaccination facilities as close as possible “on the basis of the Apulian experience” .

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