SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has shown himself confident after several rounds of explorations that a traffic light government with the Greens and FDP can be formed before Christmas. “The soundings are taking place in a very, very good and constructive atmosphere,” said the Vice Chancellor in Washington on Wednesday. That is why he is sure that the project of the SPD, Greens and FDP can be realized. “Namely that we have a new government before Christmas,” said Scholz.

On Wednesday, the SPD, FDP and Greens discussed in a smaller circle, as it was called in party circles. SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil said in the “early start” of the RTL and ntv broadcasters that the “ambitious claim” was to get things done quickly now. On Friday they come together in a big group. “And our aim is then to put something on the table.”

The aim is to agree on a decision-making basis for coalition negotiations by Friday, which summarizes the result of the negotiations so far, as FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing had said. The negotiators of the parties then want to present this paper to their committees and make a recommendation for further action.

After the exploratory rounds on Monday and Tuesday, the general secretaries of the SPD and FDP as well as the federal manager of the Greens are to put what has been negotiated on paper. The background is also that Scholz, as the acting German finance minister, is at the meeting of the G20 finance ministers in Washington this Wednesday and Thursday.

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The deputy leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Agnieszka Brugger, sees the exploratory talks at a crucial point. “In the last two days we have once again taken great steps together,” she said on Wednesday in the program “Schönen Morgen” on radioeins of the Berlin-Brandenburg broadcasting company.

Brugger is part of the expanded exploratory team of the Greens. She said it was now a matter of laying a solid foundation. “Even creative solutions need time, so we will know on Friday what happens next.” She did not want to say anything about individual items. After the conversation the day before, however, it became visible and noticeable: “We took several big steps together, bridges were found, and yet everyone made it clear that not all difficult issues have now been fully negotiated. That is then also the task of coalition negotiations. “

Klingbeil defended the silence on the state of affairs. In the “early start” of the broadcasters RTL and ntv, he said that it was now a matter of not only sounding out where similarities and differences lie, “but also about establishing trust”. Klingbeil went on to say: “What is shaping us a lot right now are the Jamaica negotiations from 2017, where you could see: Everything was publicly documented, publicly commented – points of contention, common ground.” “And if this government is to work, then trust is an essential building block.”

The Union, FDP and Greens negotiated a so-called Jamaica alliance in 2017 – but the talks ultimately fell through. During the ongoing explorations by the SPD, Greens and FDP, the negotiators have agreed not to disclose the specifics of the negotiations.

In parallel to the traffic light talks, the Greens and the FDP have kept the possibility of a Jamaica coalition with the Union open. Due to the election results, the SPD will be the strongest force in the Bundestag in the future.


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