Scholz called the key condition for lifting anti-Russian sanctions

Anti-Russian sanctions will remain in effect until Moscow reaches a peace agreement with Kyiv. This was reported by Interfax with reference to an interview with the German Chancellor.

Olaf Scholz said that only Ukraine itself can determine what conditions will be fair.

“And what kind of agreement, from the point of view of Ukraine, will be fair, this can only be determined by Ukraine itself … It cannot and does not intend to prescribe to them [украинцам] no one in Europe,” the chancellor said.

In conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he repeatedly spoke about the inadmissibility of a “dictated peace.” Scholz also noted that Germany would not accept the annexation of Crimea, because “it would be a violation of international law.”

Scholz said that Germany would create “the largest army in Europe among NATO countries.”

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