Scholz, amid accusations of indecision and consensus worn out (also by the war). And he writes to Welt: “Putin goes against everything that is democracy”

Accused by MPs of Cdu-Csu from lack of leadershipexecrated by Linke for doing a turn around in the national policy against the delivery of weapons in a theater of war, also accused by the AfD from do not maintain equidistance on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz has entrusted the illustration of his political line to a contribution for the Welt.

The war started from Vladimir Putin it does not only affect Ukraine, explains Scholz, but “it is directed against everything that embodies democracy: freedom, equality before the law, self-determination, dignity Human”. All democratic countries take sides against all this compact as never before and “this shows what unites us democrats: the conviction that the law must establish borders to power”.

“Only democracy” is capable of solving the problems of the twenty-first century “, claims the chancellor; Europe is higher than China e Russia in the resolution of problems born with capitalism like theclimate emergency. “Looking at the enormous environmental problems in Chinese cities, or the insufficient preparation of the Russian economy for an era after fossil fuels, leaves no doubt”. This is why international collaboration is needed and Europeans have been applying it for decades in the European Union. A life “in freedom, justice and dignity”, says Scholz, is not an ideal limited to Western countries; they are “humanistic values ​​that are shared by all people across times and borders”. This is why people around the world share “sadness, participation and anger” by seeing images of women, men and children at bushing or other places in Ukraine.

For the pandemic and the reflections of the guerra the economic growth according to the group of government consultants eccomic German in 2022 will be only 1.8 percent even if the gross domestic product in the first quarter of the year still grew by 0.2 compared to a year ago. Scholz with an article in the country’s leading conservative newspaper, he therefore hopes to catch up in terms of communication public, an area in which several of its ministers appear to be more effective. Both greens Robert Habeck (Economy) and Annalena Baerbock (Foreign) according to public TV polls Ard rose to the top of the ranking of the most popular politicians (56 per cent), while the chancellor fell just to fifth place, after Karl Lauterbach (Health) e Christian Lindner (Finance), and convinces only 39 percent of the sample interviewed by the demographic institute Infratest-dimap. Scholz suffered a 12 percent drop from September 2021, when he was elected. Similar results also emerge from the polls of the other public broadcaster ZdF according to which Baerbock meets the favor of 70 per cent of those interviewed, Habeck collects a 66 per cent approval, while the chief executive remains firm at 49 per cent. Indeed, 43 percent expressed a negative opinion.

On the other hand, the question of German support for Ukraine is more debated than we want to admit. In the survey Ard the sample splits into three parts, for example: 35 percent find Germany’s commitment to Kiev adequateil 31 insufficient and 27 excessive. In the surveys released by ZdF exactly half of the interviewees say that what the government grants to Ukraine is adequate, but for 32 it is doing it too little and for 13 too.

The clear majority in parliament for the direct delivery of hooks to Ukraine in the polls is also thinning. 52 percent of Infratest-Dimap respondents for the Ard indicate they would like stronger military aidbut 40 percent would like more prudence not to provoke the Russia and on the specific delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine the opinions between for and against are equal to 45. The competitor ZdF On the other hand, it recorded a majority of 56 per cent in favor of the delivery of heavy weapons systems against 39 per cent against.

This split is reflected in the German public debate. With an open letter several personalities, including the feminist Alice BlackWriter Martin Walser and the science journalist Ranga Yogeschwarthey invited Scholz to do not hand over heavy weapons Ukraine so that Putin is not given an opportunity to widen the conflict. On the other front, the CDU politician Roderich Kiesewetter speaking on TV, he stressed that according to article 51 of the United Nations Charter relating to right of self defenseGermany from the point of view of international law would not be a party to the conflict even if in addition to arms, in the face of a future request for intervention by Ukraine, there also sent soldiers. Scholz, once again, finds himself in the middle.



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