Schnitzelbängg 2023: Climate activists, gender debate and FIFA

Schnitzelbängg 2023: Climate activists, gender debate and FIFA


They are light and humorous, this year’s Basel Schnitzelbänke. Difficult topics rarely take place.

In the alleyways of Basel’s old town, people stand up and grab each other late at night: Poisonous punch lines and funny verses – that’s what the Schnitzelbängge stand for.

Compact: The best Schnitzelbanks 2023

Long queues mark the numerous cellars in which the Basel Schnitzelbänkler perform their best verses – reviewing local and international events in a humorous and sarcastic way.

To hear:

This was also the case last August, when the largest sporting event in Switzerland, the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF), took place in the neighboring Basel region of Pratteln. A major event that ended with a million hole in the box office. A topic that will be played out by many Schnitzelbanks in 2023 – also by the “Schitzbueb”:

Large selection of points

The selection and variety of schnitzel benches is also large this year. Here are performances from the Kohlmanns restaurant on Barfüsserplatz:

Schnitzelbänke – the first Hamfle

The impending power shortage, which turned out to be more harmless than feared at the end of the winter, is occurring in numerous banks.

Schnitzelbängg 2023 – the second Hamfle

More to cry than to laugh: The non-election of the SP Federal Council candidate Eva Herzog from Basel is a topic in various verses. Long considered the crown favourite, the Basel native missed the leap into the Federal Council in December.

In addition to Herzog’s non-election, Federal Councilor Alain Berset’s private flight over French territory offered a steep pass for sharp-tongued lines, numerous benches are dedicated to the English skills of the new Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, the football World Cup in Qatar, cultural appropriation or climate activists taking to the streets sticking, cause loud laughter in Basel’s clique cellars.

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Schnitzelbängg 2023 – the third Hampfle

After Monday evening, the Schnitzelbänke appear on Wednesday evening and occasionally on Tuesday.

If you’re lucky, you can still get a ticket for Schnitzelbank evenings. You can also experience the Schnitzelbänkler and Schnitzelbänklerinnen in the numerous small and large clique cellars in the center of Basel.



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