Schmid too short: “You owe me something”

The public prosecutor’s office for business and corruption believes they have found a new piece of evidence against Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: Thomas Schmid writes to Kurz: “You owe me something.”

In the short process, the public prosecutor’s office for business and corruption believes that it has found a new piece of evidence against the Federal Chancellor. The act of false testimony was added.


The later ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid, at that time active in the finance department under Hans Jörg Schelling (ÖVP), admits the former Foreign Minister Kurz in a text message to a budget increase and tends to joke that he has something good for it.

Triple smiley: “You owe me something”

Where the responsible employee of the WKStA takes notice is when Schmid writes to Kurz in April 2016 with a triple smiley: “You owe me something.” This could be an “essential building block” for understanding Schmid’s ordering process for the ÖBAG board and the role of Kurz in it, writes the representative of the authorities. Schmid’s appointment took place three years after the correspondence.

Budget increase of 30 percent

Overall, the text that concerns the WKStA reads: “You have a BUDGET increase of 30 percent! We did that just for you. Over 160 million more! And it will hit the mark. You owe me something :-))) LG t.” The WKStA makes even more suspicious that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then did not use up the budget. Reference is also made to a report by the Court of Auditors, which dealt critically with the offsetting in the external department.

ÖVP reacts indignantly

“Now at the latest it becomes clear how grotesque the allegations against Chancellor Kurz are and how biased the WKStA is here,” said VP parliamentary group leader Andreas Hanger to the allegations made by the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the budget of the Foreign Ministry from 2017 Hanger states: “The budget allocation of the finance department to the ministries is a completely normal process for which nobody ‘owes’ anything,” says Hanger.

“All objectivity lost”

“The attempt to establish a connection between a Whatsapp message about budget negotiations by the Foreign Ministry and an appointment in the area of ​​responsibility of the Ministry of Finance shows that the WKStA has lost all objectivity in this case,” the VP parliamentary group leader finds clear words. The allegations become even more absurd when one looks at the budget details and background. These include compensating for earlier budget overruns, additional costs due to the refugee crisis, additional funds for the integration area and for the OSCE chairmanship. “Incidentally, it is not reprehensible but responsible to fight for more funds for development cooperation in the annual budget negotiations, which until then has always been underfunded by international standards. Constructing accusations here on the basis of the everyday phrase ‘You owe me something’ with smileys is simply a matter of fact, ”says Hanger.

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