The northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein wants to rely on open source software in the future. As a first step in this direction, the state wants to replace Microsoft Office with LibreOffice on all computers of its federal employees, including teachers, by the end of 2026. Sooner or later, Windows will also be replaced as the operating system by Linux. This can be found on the blog of the Document Foundation, which is behind Libreoffice. With this move, Schleswig-Holstein wants to reduce its dependency on proprietary software or, under certain circumstances, even end it completely.

In the past, a similar project had made waves in the city of Munich in Germany, where the project called LiMux failed spectacularly. In an interview with the magazine “C’t”, the digital minister responsible for the project in Schleswig-Holstein, Jan Philipp Albrecht, explains the switch to open source software with financial considerations among other things. The contracts for proprietary software are reaching their limits, among other things because license fees have continued to rise in recent years. When asked about the project in Munich, Albrecht explains that he wants to do it better by taking employees along and planning long transition phases with parallel use. (mw)


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