Chris DiDomenico is moving from arch-rival Friborg to SCB. Sports director Andrew Ebbett manages a tactical masterpiece. A comment.

the essentials in brief

  • Friborg had a good chance of celebrating the first championship title in club history.
  • With the transfer of Chris DiDomenico to SCB, the mood changes. A comment.

The SCB drops a bomb: Chris DiDomenico (32) is moving to the capital for the next two years.

Not a few SCB fans are pissed off by the transfer. The hats use the ore rival Friborg-Gottéron. DiDo is THE allure figure in the league. Actually a no-go.

But it quickly becomes clear: Sports director Andrew Ebbett (38) has just achieved a real masterpiece. I’m sorry, what?

Friborg is clearly superior to SCB on the ice this season (two games, two wins). Only a miracle like 2016 (Lars Leuenberger leads the SCB from 8th place to the championship) could help the Berners to the title.

Plan B is more realistic: It is essential to prevent Friborg (the “untitled”) from becoming Swiss champions for the first time!

DiDomenico is by far the best scorer of the dragons (9 goals, 17 assists). The ex-tiger does not make the way to Bern until after the season. But from now on there is a lot of unrest in the BCF-Arena.

The SCB will bring Chris DiDomenico at the end of the season – a smart transfer?

That’s the way it is in sport. For example, do you remember 2010? YB confidently leads the championship at halftime with 13 points. The first championship title since 1986 is within reach.

It turns out differently. FCB announced the transfer of YB clock Gilles Yapi in February. The devil has broken loose in Bern. Although fit, Yapi is no longer used by coach Petkovic. Basel wins the final in Wankdorf 2-0 – and the Ivorian does not even play in the decisive direct duel for the title.

Swiss hockey champion 2021/22 will be: not Friborg-Gottéron. Betting?

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