“Scares” due to the 112 alert on mobile phones: “If the flood doesn't kill me, I'll die of a heart attack”

“Scares” due to the 112 alert on mobile phones: “If the flood doesn't kill me, I'll die of a heart attack”

Message to alert the population of the extreme risk of storms in the Community of Madrid. EFE/Zipi Aragon

Madrid (EFE) strident and a message warning of the extreme risk of rain and storms throughout the region.

On the social network X, formerly Twitter, many users say that it seemed that “the end of the world” was going to take place or that they were about to “die of a heart attack” due to the “scare” they had.

“How can I ignore them… if the flood doesn’t kill me, the micro heart attack that I’ve had will kill me”, “almost the span” or “too exaggerated” are some of the messages that users of the social network have shared, in the that someone begged “remove me from the system.”

After the activation of phase 1 of the Special Civil Protection Plan for floods in the Community of Madrid (Inuncam), the 112 Security and Emergency Agency has sent a message to the mobile phones that were in the region reporting the situation, and in which they asked citizens not to leave their homes if it is not necessary and avoid taking the private vehicle.

screeching beep

Along with that message, a screeching beep lasting several seconds has sounded that will have generated more than a scare to those who had several devices nearby.

“Civil Protection Alert from the Security and Emergency Agency 112 (ASEM 112). Due to the extreme risk of storms in the Community of Madrid today, we are at level 1 of the Flood Plan (Inuncam). Do not use your vehicle if it is not strictly necessary and stay at home attentive to subsequent information updates. Please only call 112 in an emergency. National Alert Network- ASEM 112”, read the message.

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Some citizens have had a double “fright” when receiving the message on two consecutive occasions, in Spanish and in English, and some have even assured that they have been alerted “by voice.”

The European EU-Alert system, integrated into the National Alert Network, aims to notify citizens in the event of major emergencies and send the population information and self-protection advice.

alert system

The Government has implemented the alert system, in collaboration with the Civil Protection services of the autonomous communities, in a joint project of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of the Interior, as part of the National Alert Network ( RAN) of Civil Protection.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) maintains the red warning (extreme danger) for rains throughout the Community of Madrid until next midnight, where they anticipate that more than 120 liters per square meter can accumulate in twelve hours.

These extraordinary amounts of rainfall can generate a great impact, hence the alert message sent by 112.

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