Scandal in Salta: “Chaqueño” Palavecino was furious on stage and destroyed the microphone | Chronicle

Moments of extreme tension were experienced in the Salta town of Cowboyswhere one of the idols that has the folklore national, Oscar “The Chaco” Palavecinostarred in a day of fury during a show.

The truth is that Palavecino experienced another moment of tension on stage that took place on Friday night during his participation in the 22nd edition of the festival “Cowboys sings to Güemes”, as part of the acts in honor of the greatest hero of the province of SaltaThe general Martin Miguel de Guemes.

The point is that “The Chaco” He was in charge of closing the artistic evening in the town of Salta before thousands of people and in full show the commissioner in charge of the operation ordered that it be finished, since supposedly had exceeded the scheduled time with the event organizers.

As detailed by the media Aries Onlinethe artist was upset with the organization and claimed to feel used by them. “If they want to see me, it will be somewhere else because I’m not going back to Cowboys anymore,” he said with all the fury and even broke the microphone by exploding it on the ground to leave the place angry.

“The people, the town was happy and let them go up and cut you off, what the hell are we here for?” concluded the Chaqueño Palavecino.

This was the fury show of “Chaqueño” Palavecino in Salta

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