The popular Cuban announcer and host Rafael Serrano said goodbye to his work for more than four decades in front of the cameras on the National Television Newscast. On the night of this November 22, his colleagues, including his colleague Agnes Becerra, had an aside in the night broadcast to bid him an emotional farewell.

Serrano is known in Cuba, as the voice of news and communications of interest on the island. Especially for his serious tone and deep voice, in addition to his thick mustache, something that has always marked him from a physical point of view. He had been the voice of Cuban officials for more than 40 years.

His colleague, Becerra, said of Serrano at the farewell that he was an “example of discipline, modesty, rigor, excellent command of technique, good taste and respect for the audience.” He also pointed out that Serrano had been a “victim” of campaigns by the “enemies of the Revolution.”

“Smear campaigns fell on Serrano because they know the value of their word in defense of the Revolution,” Agnes said in her goodbye to her colleague. This he said because on several occasions the driver has been seen on family trips to Miami, a city that he has criticized from his official point of view.

Because Rafael Serrano has been the focus of controversy due to the countless occasions in which he has described that city as the headquarters of “the terrorist mafia of Miami”, while he goes with his family on vacation. Something that many Cubans in exile describe as contradictory.

“Viewers trust Serrano and Serrano is due to his viewers,” concluded Becerra. All this while the presenter received a painting with the image of the former Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

In an interview offered in 2019 to the Cuban television portal, Serrano assured that his objective as a communicator was to promote “a message of Cubanness and love for the great work that our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, left us.” He also described Miami as the place where “the worst of the Cuban community” in the United States resides.

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