With the approach of the Hajj season for the current Hijri year 1442 AD, there is a great need for medical personnel in various specialties to monitor the health status of pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia from different countries of the world to perform the Hajj, especially in light of the global spread of the Corona epidemic.

In this context, the Hajj Visiting Forces Committee at the Saudi Ministry of Health announced its need for medical cadres and doctors in rare medical specialties to work in the health facilities of the Ministry of Health within the holy sites in Makkah only.

The committee indicated, through its account on the social networking platform “Twitter”, that the required specialties are (intensive care consultant doctor, first deputy doctor, deputy intensive care, intensive care resident, intensive care nursing “primary specialist, specialist, technician”, treatment Respiratory “Senior Specialist, Specialist, Technician”).

It is possible to register for jobs and participate in the Hajj season this year by registering through the registration portal from here.

Registration requirements:

Attach a valid professional classification certificate from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Attach a copy of the proof of identity; Whether the status card for Saudis, or a copy of a valid residence permit for non-Saudis.

Attach a recent scene proving the existence of experience in the field of work in the intensive care department (specialties that require this).

The applicant must receive a dose of the Corona vaccine, according to the health requirements set by the Saudi Ministry of Health and the competent authorities.

Ensure that all fields of the registration page are filled out, and that the required documents are uploaded clearly and correctly.