“Saturday Jass” candidates are vying for a place in the finals

Yvonne Isabel (48) from Morgarten was beaming on TV on Saturday. The woman from Zug won the “Samschtig-Jass” final, in which four champions from previous programs met. Federal Councilor Viola Amherd (59), who was also a guest, presented her with the award. Isabel could not only be happy about the title of Jass Queen, but also about 15,000 francs in prize money. At least that’s how it was seen on TV, where the winner, presenter Fabienne Bamert (34), revealed that she wanted to use the money to treat herself to “a new bike and a few small niceties”.

But behind the scenes of the show there was a different deal. As candidate Bruno Felder (34) says to Blick, the candidates have already divided the profit among themselves in advance. “We thought it was crazy to gamble for 15,000 francs,” said Felder. “We all didn’t have such great wishes.”


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