SAT 2022: These are the six important adjustments for taxpayers

As of Saturday, January 1, 2022, various adjustments in the SAT will take effect and 85% of taxpayers ignore them

It will be from the first second of 2022 that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) will implement various tax changes and settings to six taxes. These changes imply rises in the price of high consumption products and obligations for 18-year-olds and small entrepreneurs.

Modifications of the SAT in 2022

A of the main tax modifications of the SAT in 2022 it will be the 7.37% increase in the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS). This increase will make the price of products such as soft drinks, gasoline and cigarettes more expensive.

Another change will be the mandatory monthly reports that banks must send to the SAT. This modification is made to identify the cash deposits more than 15 thousand pesos in the taxpayers’ accounts in order to combat the money laundering.

The third most important modification for 2022 will be the implementation of the new Simplified Trust Regime for Natural and Legal Persons. This new regime offers facilities to small businesses and companies; such as reducing the effective income tax rate at a range of 1% to 2.5%, for those with incomes of less than 3.5 million pesos per year.

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The fourth important modification is the compulsory registration to the RFC upon reaching 18 years of age. In the tax miscellany 2022 it is intended that individuals of legal age must have the RFC, a procedure that must be done before the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

How to process the RFC?

  1. Enter the SAT port: In the upper left part, enter the section that says People.
  2. Go to the apartadi of RFC procedures; Click on the option Get your RFC with the Unique Population Code (CUPR).
  3. Upon logging in, capture your CURP and the text that appears in the image or Captcha.
  4. Then another window appears, where you should check general data with which you registered with the National Population Registry (Renapo).
  5. Fill in the following information that will be requested: address, email and other personal data, which will complete your registration.
  6. At the end of the process, the SAT will provide you with a PDF with the single acknowledgment of registration to the RFC; including the tax identification card and a QR code, which validates and contains your tax data.
  7. To receive these latest records, your computer or device must have enabled the windows or pop-up function. If not, you will not be able to download them to your hard drive.
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The fifth important modification is the seizure of assets due to debts to the treasury. With the Tax Miscellany of 2022 They can seize all kinds of goods that are in your name.

Before proceeding, You will be notified via the tax mailbox and through edicts in newspapers of national circulation the Tax Administration Service (SAT) notify taxpayers with enforceable debts that will proceed with the embargo.

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The sixth important modification is on the general provisions, which include changes such as limits to the deductions that you can make with donations, as well as the deductions for voluntary contributions to retirement savings. Deductions for funeral expenses, mortgage interest, medical expenses and tuition will also be capped.

By Luis Uriel Zapata Noh



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