Sarah Ferguson: “Diana and I both had mental health issues”

The Duchess of York opened up about the psychological challenges she has faced in the past. Trials she says she went through with her sister-in-law, Lady Di.

“In the 80s, there was Diana the beautiful and Fergie the fat and frumpy”, she remembers. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, spoke to the magazine People about mental health issues she has encountered in the past. In the interview published on July 15, she remembers in particular the conversations exchanged on this subject with Princess Diana, whom she says she was close to.

Welded with Diana

“Diana and I both had our own mental health issues, and she and I used to talk about it together,” says the Duchess. She remembers the words that Lady Di had addressed to her: “Fergie, remember one thing: when you are at the top of the pedestal, it is very easy to fall from it. And you are downstairs. You just have to climb. ” “One was labeled a saint, the other a sinner,” Sarah Ferguson also epxlizes. The most important thing was to stick together, and we did it no matter what you read in the press. ”

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The Duchess of the Pig

The couple formed by Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, third child of Queen Elizabeth II, caused much ink to flow in the 90s. First because of their separation in 1992, then their divorce, in 1996. The tabloids of the time nicknamed Sarah Ferguson “The Duchess of the Pig”, which caused her anxiety disorder. “I had major mental health problems because of this trauma,” explains the 61-year-old. I must have worked on myself a lot, because I believed every word written about me in the front pages of magazines. I was ashamed of myself. I am stratospheric sensitive. ”


The one also nicknamed Fergie remembers the striking words she also addressed to her daughters, Princess Eugenie, now 31, and Princess Beatrice, 32. “I will never forget that day when I went to see my daughters and when I said to them: ‘I am so sorry my darlings, because I really think that I have destroyed myself” “. Words that she describes today as “really dark”. “I had to work hard on the self-sabotage I practiced to explain these words,” she adds.

Having become a grandmother for the first time on February 9, her daughter Eugenie having given birth to a little boy, August, Sarah Ferguson is preparing to welcome her second grandchild in the fall of 2021. Prince Beatrice is indeed pregnant of her first child. Before this happy event, Sarah Ferguson will see her first novel published, Her Heart for a Compass (His heart as a compass, in French), which is scheduled for release on August 3.

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