After what TMZ Sports published details of the support lawsuit that Sarah Kohan brought against her husband, Javier Hernandez Chicharito, the influencer reacted to the news. Although the couple has been surrounded by rumors that point to a separation, since the end of last year, until now, such information was kept in the field of speculation; However, when it came to light that the Australian is asking a judge to establish alimony for Noah Y Nala, his two children, it is confirmed that the relationship with the footballer ended. As expected, the press is very interested in Obtain the first statement from those involved in this divorce, a process that, it became known, Sarah began last February, when she requested to dissolve her marriage with the Mexican.



After the terms of the influencer’s demand were made public, both parties have opted for silence, even, in the case of El Chicharito, he has chosen to omit publications on his social networks where, the last time he posted something was 3 days ago, when announced that he will be absent from the next games of The Galaxy, due to a right calf injury: “A very sad and frustrating moment not being able to be on the court to support this great family that is my team, but also I am very focused on recovery, on making the best of this and above all improving emotionally, physically, mentally and returning, in this way, better than I was“Commented the player who was named the top scorer of the MLS in this season.

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While Chicharito faces controversy in the middle of his recovery, Sarah has had to face it in front of the cameras, after the program Tell me what you know caught her taking a walk through the streets of Los Angeles with her children Nala and Noah, 8 months and two years old, respectively. Although she did not show any intention of stopping to speak on the subject at any time, she tried to be cautious when faced with this situation: “Thank you very much, can you please …”He commented while covering his face with his hand, while pushing the stroller of his children. At the insistence of the reporter, the influencer commented: “Please leave me alone, thank you”. Finally, Sarah asked the media to keep their distance and allow her to live this process in privacy: “Thank you very much, please respect my privacy”, He said.

In the documents delivered to the court by Sarah’s legal team, reference is made to the role of the soccer player’s father with which: “He does not participate in the daily upbringing of his two minor children”. In addition, the Mexican’s refusal to place a fence around the pool is highlighted, to protect their children, claiming that it does not go with the aesthetics of the property. It was also revealed that Sarah filed for divorce since last February. It’s known that the Australian is requesting a pension that is in line with what the footballer earns annually. News of that lawsuit comes just a few weeks after Sarah Kohan and Javier Hernández celebrated the 2nd birthday of Noah, their firstborn.

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This was the story of Sarah and El Chicharito

After participating in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, El Chicharito was shot by Cupido during a pool party where he met Sarah Kohan who, in October of that same year, officially introduced the Mexican as her boyfriend. The love between the Australian and the Mexican grew so much that, two months later they announced that they were in the sweet expectation of their first child. After announcing that they would become parents, The couple married in March 2019 in California, in a secret wedding held in a civil registry in the city of Chula Vista. After giving the “yes I accept”, the couple welcomed Noah in June of that same year. After a time of moving; first, from London to Seville and then, from Seville to Los Angeles, the family released another special piece of news: they were about to welcome a new member, Nala, who was born in October last year. Although it seemed that they were going through one of their best times as a couple, unexpectedly, the separation came that, until now, it is not known why it happened.