Fabio Santini, in his speech for Il Process, on 7 Gold, took stock of the future of Juventus coach, Maurizio Sarri.

Fabio Santini, transfer market expert, spoke about the negotiations drawn up by some of the main clubs of the Italian Serie A championship in view of the next session of the buying and selling campaign. Here are his words:Maurizio Sarri, despite the Scudetto victory, he does not have the absolute security of remaining on the Old Lady’s bench. It is not excluded that the Figline Valdarno coach may leave Juventus in the coming weeks “.

The transfer market expert, Fabio Santini, then added during the broadcast The process, program broadcast on the broadcaster 7 Gold: “If Juventus do not do well in the Champions League, Sarri could be exempted. In his place he would arrive Massimiliano Allegri, former coach of the Old Lady. Watch out for: there is a sensational name for the Juventus management. I mean Loud, now to Lazio. We will see what will happen in the coming weeks. “