Santiago De Martino: the first meeting with his little sister is very tender

Really tender l’image by Santiago De Martino with the little sister Luna Marì in her arms. The eldest son of Belen Rodriguez, the fruit of love with her ex-husband Stefano De Martino, was finally able to meet the newborn, who came into the world in the night between Sunday and Monday. The showgirl left the clinic after spending almost three days there. Returning to the villa where she was spending the holidays with her loved ones, the 36-year-old shared on the social network a very tender clip in which the 8-year-old boy is seen sitting on the sofa, holding his sister in his arms.

Santiago De Martino, 8 years old, holds his little sister Luna Marì in his arms, born three days ago: the image is very tender

Upon their return home, Belen and his companion Antonino Spinalbese, 26, found other arrangements and a small refreshment to celebrate the birth of his first sissy. There are also some ready-made dresses for the little girl.

Belen in the car as she returns to Milan after giving birth
Belen in the car after leaving the clinic where she gave birth
Luna Marì on the return trip home
Luna Marì during her first car trip
Small refreshments to welcome the child
Small refreshments to welcome the child
Casa Rodriguez-Spinalbese is set up to celebrate the birth of Luna
Arrangements to celebrate the birth of Luna

When she announced last year that she was pregnant with Antonino, just a few months after meeting him, Rodriguez also revealed that she had already had a abortion spontaneous just before.

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