Sandwich family makes good use of insurance to reduce stress- Business Times

Sandwich family makes good use of insurance to reduce stress- Business Times

The “sandwich family” has parents to support and children to support. They shoulder the heavy responsibility of family finances. Daily expenses such as mortgages, living expenses, and education funds have become sweet burdens. Life insurance companies suggest that, as an important economic pillar of the family, they should give priority to building their own “medical security protection network”, “life insurance accident protection network”, and start “retirement planning” early, so that they can give themselves and their families a future with peace of mind.

Global Life recommends that “fixed benefit medical insurance and out-of-pocket medical insurance, major injury or disease insurance or cancer insurance, long-term care insurance, and life insurance” are all indispensable. As the mainstay of the family’s economy, the sandwich family is most afraid of interruption of income due to sudden illness or accident. In addition to basic medical insurance such as paid medical insurance and fixed payment medical insurance, it can strengthen major injury insurance or cancer Insurance, to supplement the lump sum payment for the first cancer or major injury.

In addition, long-term care insurance can be used to cope with future longevity risks. As for life insurance protection, you can leave your loved ones behind. For sandwich families who still have enough money and want to plan their retirement steadily, they can also choose annuity insurance as a tool for a stable source of cash flow after retirement, and according to different life stages, regularly review the policy and make timely adjustments to create security for themselves and their families protective net.

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Taiwan Life suggested that the sandwich family build an insurance network. First, life insurance accident protection is indispensable, and long-term care must also be taken into account. Sufficient death protection (sickness and accidents are both important) can ensure that family members can continue to maintain the same situation without debt when facing the absence of the family pillar. standard of living. And when unfortunately long-term care is needed due to accidents or illnesses, the role of the family’s economic pillar will change into a family’s financial burden. Therefore, timely transfer of risks through long-term care insurance is also a key protection for middle-aged people.

The second is that basic medical care is heavy on real expenses, and cancer medical care must be fully paid. In response to the implementation of the current health insurance DRGs system, “self-payment” is the best choice for people who want to have good medical quality. Only through “commercial insurance supplementary health insurance” can they have more comprehensive health insurance. protection. The insurance that can effectively transfer out-of-pocket expenditures for hospitalization is none other than “out-of-pocket medical insurance”. It is suggested that basic medical insurance should be based on out-of-pocket medical insurance.

Third, retirement planning cannot be stopped, and only with a stable allocation can one retire comfortably. In addition to medical insurance, the retirement allocation plan must also be started. Taiwan’s population structure is gradually facing the impact of aging population and declining birth rate, coupled with the low-profit and high-inflation economic market, social insurance and occupational pensions alone will not be able to effectively cover the basic expenses for future retirement. The sandwich family is also a member of the “quasi-retirement family”. “Start early” to allocate and plan retirement funds to create sufficient cash flow so that they can retire with peace of mind.

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