Sandra Echeverría: the heartbreaking message with which she would confirm her separation from Leonardo de Lozanne

Sandra Echeverría: the heartbreaking message with which she would confirm her separation from Leonardo de Lozanne


The singer wrote a message that stole all the reflectors

This was the message that went up. Credits: Special

Everything seems that the marriage between the singer, Sandra Echeverria and the interpreter, Leonardo de Lozanne it came to an end definitively despite the fact that they were giving themselves a second chance. In an interview she confessed that things did not go as expected.

Before the surprising announcement, a few moments ago, the interpreter of songs like “La fuerza del destino” and “Me lacks air” uploaded a publication on Instagram with which she would make her return to singlehood official after more than 9 years of relationship sentimental with Leonardo de Lozanne.

The singer ended their relationship. Photo: Special

Did Sandra Echeverría separate from Leonardo de Lozanne?

After news of their second split went viral, Sandra Echeverria He reappeared on social networks with a forceful message that was immediately related to the end of his relationship with the vocalist of the rock band, “Phobia”. She apparently dedicated it to her attempt to resume her relationship.

In the image, which immediately went viral, the theater and television actress also uploaded a reflective thought, but what caught the most attention was the writing with which she accompanied it. Her fans gave her all their support in the complicated moment she is experiencing.

“Luck is the eggs that you put in life,” wrote the also television host.

This was the message he wrote. Photo: Instagram/@sandraecheverriaoficial

As expected, the alleged break between Sandra Echeverria and Leonardo de Lozanne moved several fans. Some wished them the best in their return to singleness and others regretted that things did not work out despite the fact that they tried.

What happened between Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne?

A few months ago, the famous singer,Sandra Echeverriaand her husband,Leonardo de LozanneThey monopolized the attention of all the entertainment media after confirming that they resumed their marriage after spending a long time apart.

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Despite the fact that they made the decision to give themselves a second chance, everything seems to indicate that the relationship did not work out and would have come to an end permanently or at least that is how the comments they have given in different interviews let it be seen.

The couple would have ended their relationship. Photo: Special


Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne: a few months after their reconciliation, they assure that their marriage is faltering

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