San Martín de Porres: Police are shot by a criminal who tried to assault him at the door of his house

San Martín de Porres: Police are shot by a criminal who tried to assault him at the door of his house

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The police officer defended himself with his regulation weapon after a criminal tried to take his belongings. The cash was transferred to the hospital while the assailant escaped on a linear motorcycle.


San Martín de Porres: Policeman is shot by criminals who tried to assault him

A non-commissioned officer of the National Police, identified as Johnny Godoy Luna (58), was wounded by a bullet after a criminal shot him in order to take his personal belongings in San Martín de Porres. The attack occurred in block A of the La Encantada de Santa Rosa urbanization.

The cash was attacked at the door of his home and had to use his regulation weapon to defend himself. According to witnesses, the criminal who shot him fled with an accomplice who was waiting for him on a linear motorcycle without being able to take the petty officer’s belongings.

RPP News was able to learn that 13 bullet casings were collected in the area. Criminalistics experts continued to collect more evidence of this attempted assault; while the petty officer was transferred to the Negreiros medical center and then referred to the PNP Hospital because he received three shots, one in the chest, one in the arm and one in the leg.

Criminals scare neighbors

The residents of the El Rosario del Norte urbanization, in San Martín de Porres (SMP), are frightened by the constant assaults that are taking place in the area. These are two criminals who, aboard a motorcycle, apply the robbery mode.

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Most of the robberies take place on Agatha street, as criminals take advantage of its proximity to Universitaria. Some of the aggrieved have been able to perceive that – due to the accent – the thief who gets off the motorcycle to attack passers-by is a Peruvian national.

The neighbors fear that the next assault will take place in front of the students of the nest, something that could be traumatic for the minors. That is why they ask the personnel of the Municipal Serenazgo and the Peruvian National Police (PNP) to reinforce patrolling in the area, especially in front of the nest, at the times of departure and entry of children.

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