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In the series “Marvel mal Anders” our expert Sebastian takes on forgotten film adaptations of the comic forge. Today: “Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD” aka “Agent Nick Fury – Operation in Berlin” with David Hasselhoff. Here’s the video:

Our video series “Marvel mal Anders” is finally continuing after a long break – and that directly with a very entertaining, albeit very trashy film: “Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD” aka “Agent Nick Fury – Einsatz in Berlin” from 1998 with David Hasselhoff in the title role.

and The Hoff is absolutely perfect as Nick Fury, because he looks a lot like the SHIELD leader from the comics and delivers a wonderfully striking performance with a cigar, eye patch and snarling jokes. In his video, YouTube moderator and Marvel expert Sebastian dares the thesis that that Hasselhoff as Nick Fury is almost even better than Samuel L. Jackson – unfortunately the film is pretty bad all around.

This is Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD

“Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD” was also supposed to be the prelude to something bigger, which, however, regularly failed in the 1990s and was also messed up here – despite a larger budget and a script by David S. Goyer, who on Comic adaptations such as the “Blade” trilogy, “Ghost Rider 2”, “Batman Begins” or “Man Of Steel” was involved.

Although the “Nick Fury” film is full of Marvel references and well-known characters from the comics, the plot of the film is unfortunately not very exciting and the action is rather meager. In addition to The Hoff, Sandra Hess (Sonya Balde from “Mortal Kombat 2”) is another actress who has a lot of fun and as Nazi villain Andrea Von Strucker (and later as super villain Viper) really lets it all out.

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The plot of “Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD”

The plot of the film is quickly explained: The evil organization HYDRA, led by siblings Andrea and Werner von Strucker (Scott Heindl), raids a SHIELD base and snatches the frozen body of Baron von Strucker (Campbell Lane), in whose blood a deadly Virus waiting to be unleashed on Manhattan.

Only one person can stop them: Colonel Nick Fury, who has been living in seclusion in the Canadian Yukon since the end of the Cold War. Together with Contessa Valentina de Allegro Fontaine (Lisa Rinna) and his team, he takes up the fight against HYDRA (whereby a trip to Berlin is also planned, hence the German title)…

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