Samuel Fitoussi: “Yes to the abaya, no to hair removal: here is where the far left is at”

Samuel Fitoussi: “Yes to the abaya, no to hair removal: here is where the far left is at”

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Samuel Fitoussi. F Clairefond

CHRONICLE – Every week, for Le Figaro, the columnist casts his ironic gaze on the news. While the Insoumis and the Greens defend the wearing of the abaya at school, he points out their contradictions in terms of feminism.

On Sunday August 26, Gabriel Attal announced the ban on the abaya in schools: French teenagers will no longer be able to go to class wearing long traditional Islamic dresses covering their whole body. The far left, revolted, rose as a single man/woman/non-binary. We salute the coherence of this left.

She fights the presence of hostesses on the podiums of the Tour de France: these scenes would maintain a dangerous imagination through which men and women would integrate a certain image of themselves and of the opposite sex. The proliferation of abayas in schools, on the other hand, does not feed any imagination likely to have consequences on the model of society that we are shaping, on the social roles that high school students will occupy as adults.

She fights make-up, hair removal and high-heeled shoes, injunctions to beauty imposed by the patriarchy and too often internalized by women. Teenage girls who choose…

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