Samsung works on a prototype for its line of foldable cell phones

Samsung has shown the world a new prototype for its Fold line. The phone is virtually identical in size and appearance to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but the hinge system is completely different.

First, the goal is to implement a “waterdrop” hinge, the name given to hinges in the style of theOPPO Find N2.

What do these new hinges of these folding cell phones translate into? In that they allow the fold of the screen to be barely seen, and this is the main problem that Samsung’s folding currently has.

In addition to having a less visible wrinkle, Samsung’s proposal is to be able to fold the phone 360 ​​degrees, thus being able to fold in and out. When folded out, you get a screen in front and one in back. When it folds inwards, a screen in front and the camera system behind, it refers xataca.

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 suggest that its main novelty will be to have a renewed design for its hinge, seeking to reduce the wrinkle that its competition is already eliminating almost completely, and that it is costing so much to make disappear in the Fold family.

It is more than unlikely that the Fold 5 adopted the design of this prototype, much less that Samsung ended all surprise factors months before its presentation.

It should be noted that foldable mobile cell phones have agreat future trajectoryalthough their high prices make their adoption by the wide public simply impossible.

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