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I guess the fact that they chose it says that they expected it to be cheaper or about the same on the bottom line?

The consideration will have been earlier, we are nevertheless obliged to provide WiFi with the majority being continuously on WiFi, what is the benefit of pulling Ethernet to the desk.

By the way, you calculate quite favorably, a normal switch has 24 or 48 ports, it is not because you can save 15 ports that you suddenly need one switch less, in my experience you end up with the same switches on which many ports are free. Copper/RJ45 in cable length may only be 100 meters, so the distance between a workplace and where you need a switch remains the same if you are fully connected to WiFi, because that distance also applies between AP and switch. (that’s not 100 bird’s-eye view, cable goes up, down, makes a detour so assume you need a network cabinet every 50 meters of floor)

That backbone costs money because you have to pull fibers there, but whether you need 20 or 40 ports in a network cabinet, that doesn’t make a big difference, adding a switch is also not that bad because you can connect it to copper.

You have the same problem with regard to licenses and support contracts, you are already paying the full amount for the backbone where you are expanding with a new product, namely WiFi.

The only thing you save is copper cables to the desks, they are usually already there and as you indicate, you still need them for printers but also for your APs. Copper network cables do not exactly have a large cost, except that you have to lay them (or have them installed), which costs working hours, but there is not much difference in time to pull 20 cables instead of 5 cables.

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With regard to maintenance, you rarely or never have to replace cabling, switching and APs will have a lifecycle of 5 to 7 years.

However, and I understand that perfectly, in an office environment people demand wifi, so what it costs is actually no longer relevant.



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