Samsung updates SmartThings with a big redesign and new features

SmartThings is one of the most important apps for Samsung, as it is the strategic center for connect your phones to home technology. With this app we can connect to SmartTag and other smart devices and, today, Samsung announces a great update for this app.

We are going to tell you the changes in design and the news that come to the new SmartThings app, which is beginning to be deployed as of today on Android and, according to Samsung, will be coming to iOS over the next few weeks.

A big update comes to SmartThings

SmartThings is getting one of the biggest face washes in its history. Apart from this new design, improvements come to the application at the functionality level. At the interface level, the app changes completely. Now we have a lower menu (much more comfortable than the side), divided into five categories: favorites, devices, life, automations and menu.

  • Favorites: replaces the current “home” screen. Favorites is now the main screen and shows the most used devices and scenes.
  • Devices: here the control of all the devices that we have connected to the app is shown.
  • Lifetime: a section in which Samsung will display information related to new functions for the app.
  • Automations: from here we can configure different scenes to automate the operation of our smart devices.
  • Menu: from here we can check notifications, history, app settings and more.

How to create scenes on Samsung SmartThings to automate your home devices

From Samsung they indicate that the update is already arriving globally although, in our case, we have not yet received the update, so it should arrive in the next few hours. IOS users will have to wait a little longer, although they will also end up receiving it.

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