Samsung wants to become the leader in all types of foldable OLED displays. After its show of force with two smartphones, the manufacturer is preparing to decline its proposal with rollable and stretchable.

Flex Oled: Samsung teases new types of roll-up or stretch screens

Today, conventional OLED has achieved great quality on high-end devices: infinite contrasts, record brightness, perfect color calibration and great color coverage. To continue to stand out in this market, Samsung offers the Flex Oled, a range of foldable screens. The brand has demonstrated this itself with its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, which both feature a foldable screen.

Now, the brand seems to want to move up a gear and offer other types of screens.

Rollable Flex et Slidable Flex

Samsung Display, the branch that deals only with screens, has launched a site dedicated to the Flex Oled range which brings together all these projects. It contains Samsung’s arguments for its current line of foldable screens for manufacturers. The brand highlights in particular its ability to reduce the bending angle as much as possible, more than its competitors. She also talks about her brand “UTG” or Ultra Thin Glass, which should in principle protect the foldable screen with a thin layer imitating the effect of glass.

But the most interesting is at the bottom of the page, when Samsung displays all the possibilities offered by its technology.

We start with Flex Bar and Flex Square which obviously recall the shapes adopted by the two smartphones from Samsung.

Flex Oled: Samsung teases new types of roll-up or stretch screens

Flex Note seems to use the same design as Flex Square in principle, but with a larger display area. It is very likely that Samsung is targeting laptop makers here who might be interested in creating a collapsible “two-screen” machine. In 2020, Lenovo launched the X1 Fold with this principle.

Flex Oled: Samsung teases new types of roll-up or stretch screens

The Rollable Flex is clearly betting on adoption in the television market, and in particular against LG. The latter is known for having already offered televisions with roll-up screens.

Flex Oled: Samsung teases new types of roll-up or stretch screens

Finally, there is the Slidable Flex, which offers a stretchable screen. Here, Samsung wants to compete with the positioning of Oppo which had impressed with its Oppo X 2021.

Samsung therefore seems to want to be on all fronts. The site does not say more about the characteristics of these screens or their potential future marketing. One can imagine that the launch of this dedicated site is a preparation for the CES in Las Vegas which will take place at the beginning of January 2022. This show is often the occasion for Samsung Display to present its novelties.

In 2021, for example, the brand attacked the PC market with quite a bit of success, especially at Asus.

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