Samsung releases Android 12 upgrade for Galaxy S10 and S20 models – Tablets and phones – News

Yes they do remove that Gear VR support. No problem for me, I had already removed the APKs from my installation via ADB anyway

Even if they do a security update once a year, I still dare to use my device. Tweakers once wrote a nice article about how updates work in Android. Apps and system services remain up to date via Google Play Services. Only the system patches are needed for other leaks. Only all the leaks I read about often require physical access to your device. And even then you can’t “just” get in. These hacks are often very complex.

In the case of Specter and Meltdown, Google had made a fix that many manufacturers had rolled out to older devices in a security patch.

So those manufacturers don’t want to take any risks with the really big bugs, which can result in a huge loss of face for them. I think Samsung and Apple had released a security patch for their EOL Galaxy S6 and iPhone 5s for that reason.
The rest of your system will be neatly patched by Google Play Services, I believe so.

A nice thing about Samsung (I personally think) is that all the tricks that Google puts in Android, have often been in OneUI for a long time. That’s why I often don’t find those new OS releases that interesting.
In the past in the time of Android 3, 4, 5 and so that was a different story, but that is now quite outdated.

Thank you for being so sporty! I didn’t mean anything stupid with my post, but your “enlighten me” made me doubt you weren’t trying to lure me out :p

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